WLMS for Course Revisions | Origin: EL112

I like that formative assessments should be used not only in the usual sense, as for the students, but should also be fully incorporated into the teacher's planning for continual modifications of the class.

Keeping the course history and reusing items within the history is an important workload management strategy as the reusable items save time

Everyone recognizes the summative class evaluation but the Formative evaluation should be implemented during the course to receive student input and make the necessary adjustments to improve instruction and learning.


Saving older versions of the course is invaluable. I had to go back several years sometimes to find material that was newly edited but did not work. The LMS system works well storing older information. I also have some things saved on a flashdrive.


I learned that professional development can be a workload management strategy, particularily regarding technology related to online instruction. I like the concept of formative and summative course revisions. I like to "fix" things at the moment, while the issue is fresh, I think it makes for strong revisions.

Make sure evaluations are completed in an anonymous format.  This will ensure students are more likely to give honest feedback which is needed in course evaluations and redesigning.  

I think continued professional development is vital for online learning so it can stay relevant

Constant evaluation of the course makes for a better learning environment for the students.


When teaching online instructors must have a way to evaluate and then revise if necessary the course content.  Also to save time instructors should have a way to store changes and revisions so they can be reused in the future.


As an online instructor, it is important to use technology that is reliable, accessible, and user-friendly to assure successful student learning

I learned the importance of developing and maintaining a course history. I plan to review, revise, edit course content and structure to continually improve the quality of student learning.  


It is important to incorporate formative & summative course input and pull from archived class LMS info on an as needed basis.  This is important because as I've found, what works for one class may not work for the next.

I think that with any class, the instructor must remain fluid in their teaching.  Change is a way of life in the education world, and we must be able to adapt quicly to the changes.  In the Online world, we need to keep track of the changes.


Finding and recording different course changes that may be part of your online class/course are important and should not be held back until the end of the couourse or class. 


I learned that Professional Development can be viewed as a way to enhance  and improve an instructor's abilities.  Data enable an instructor to see what changes or adjustments must be made in their course.  I also learned that some components in a course that is thought to be stationary can change to be dynamic.


We all are life-long learners, that being said professional development presents an opportunity for teachers to improve their intructional strategies to effectively address student learning challenges.


Course revision is so important.  Formative evaluations bring honesty to the course and help foster a feeling of student input matters and will be acknowledged and used.

I am going to use the question "What do you want the instructor to stop doing, start doing and continue to do" with my students. 


Course revisions, dynamic elsements and assessments must be intentional and planned out.  The course shouldn't be willy nilly, it should be purposuful.

I learned the importance of using your evaluations, summative and formative to revise the course and the importance to keep a back up copy and archive of prior material.