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Engaging group and distance learning for teachers and... >>>

Medication information

This a great site for healthcare students. There are plenty of activities. You may have to create a free account to access the material. Well worth... >>>

Escape Room

My students have enjoyed using an escape room to help pull concepts together. Here is a link to one that I... >>>

APA Assistance for Students

I am a nursing online instructor, so APA formatting is part of every assignment. I often refer to this website and send to my students while they are compsing their papers. It has all the different... >>>

YouTube Videos on Physics

More than 400 videos on different topics in... >>>

Useful website

Our school system recently started using this learning managment system called Its Learning. It has everything on one... >>>


This site is all about scientific research into how the mind works. It’s written by a psychologist and author, Dr Jeremy Dean. The aim is to write simply and clearly about psychology so that... >>>

Color and Culture

Color is an important part of any design, but if you make a bad choice of colors your design can say something different than you intend it to. How colors are perceived depends a lot on the culture a... >>>

I encourage students to use Wix to create e-portfolios that are required for a class I teach. It allows students to create web sites with templates, so they can focus on the content of the... >>>

Allen Krantz

This site contains many common grammar and word usage errors. I use use it as supplemental material for my communication... >>>

Creating a Bio

I truly believe that creating a detailed academic and personal bio to share with your students will place them more at ease with the  entire... >>>

Free Online Tool for Web Mockups

HTML/CSS based tool for fast prototyping of web... >>>

Cardiac/pulmonary link

This link has short video clips and questions that shows great film and explanation of the cardiac and pulmonary system. It also has little games that the students can play to place all of the parts... >>>