WLMS for Course Revisions | Origin: EL112

Professional develoment and accountability offers the necessary support for instructors who could feel isolated.  It also provides a venue for ideas.

It is important to take professional development courses to gain more skills.

Data is needed to tackle course revisions.  Data can come from many sources including course outcomes, checking dynamic elements, formative and summative evaluations. You can also create a course repository and learning objects library.


Instructors should continue professional development that enhances the knowledge and skills needed to manage their online courses. This will enhance instruction and the learning process.

Take the time to gain more knowledge and sills, manage your workload, and plan ahead to provide for necessary course revisions. And every 3-5 weeks should ask the STOP, START & CONTINUE questions. 


Formative and summative assessments of the courses are essential. Always be open to changes that can be made. This in itself is workload management as some of the changes can save the instructor time in the end and help hone the focus of the course for the students. 

With professional development for instructors it enhances their ability to improve the different areas in any course

If there is a negetive post, don't repond quickly.  Wait a little then respond. 


When reqources are filed appropriately, they can be used from year to year.

I learned in this module the iimportance of Professional Devlopment, the use of Dynamic Elements in online learning formative and summative course revisions and course management.  All things learned will be utilized in my classroom.  

Always be open to updating content and keep track of what changes are made. As the instuctor, I should look back at changes to gauge whether they were effective in benefitting the student experience.

Keeping the older versions (course history) in an archive can help if and when you need to use the information again.  You are able to create banks of information that can be reusable and can be distribute quickly.

Archiving your work is important because sometimes the change that you were looking for was not achieved, by having this backup you can more easily correct the changes made.


I have learned thet it is important to keep track of course updates and revisions (Develop a content repository for this management). Also, do not change requirements part way through the course. 

As you develop your course it is important to create a history of all your revisions to which you can fall back on if necessary.

Making a plan and gathering data by using the ADDIE Model will be important in evaluating the outcomes of the course.

Teachers need to be open to reflecting, altering, and updating content to keep things interesting for the students. Gather data about your assignments to determine effectivness.

Online courses must be evaluated and reevaluated on a constant basis to maintain up to date content and give the students the best education possible.

Continually develop your online course during the term. Do a summative evaluation at the end. Keep traack of your changes. Ask for imput from several sources.

Revisions should be tracked and archived.