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EL102: On Line Teaching Techniques

I learned that in order to be a successful CMS instructor I must know not only about my discipline, but also that I must be empathetic to generate confidence in different learning environments, such as asynchronous forums, synchronous classes, and monitoring of students' academic performance. The tasks are vast and can be conflicting, but getting organized is professionally exciting.
I hope to put into practice what I have learned with teaching jobs that are enriching for everyone.

Action Plan / Course Takeaways (EL102)

It is clear that distance education is not easy on the student nor the professor. I have taken college courses during covid, and I have seen how hard it is to remain focused for hours on end, staring at a computer screen, with little to no student interaction via Zoom. 

Now that I am the instructor-to-be, even though my courses are set to be in person, I have learned a lot about the types of students, how to deal with certain behaviors / issues, and that as long as I am fair with my students, I should be okay. Make… >>>

Great Tools!!!!

This training gave me a better picture of the e-learning audience. Modifications on some modules will be implemented with suggestions provided. Great presentation and easy to access.  

Thank you!

Timely feedback is essential component in communicating with your online students.

Students seem to appreciate getting timely feedback and grading of course work.

Student online learning

Students to be successful in online learning but be engaged. If there is only tutoring and multiple choice questions, the learner will not engage. Make sure you know what the student's prior knowledge is before scaffolding their learning. 

Action Plan

This was an excellect course.  I currently Have a weekly Discussion Board with a new topic.  I am interactive on the Board.  I take opportunities to involved students in all Live lectures by drawing on their experiences and everyday life.  I have recently been included some example problems into the lecture portion of the course that I normally would use in Office Hours.  This is a little difficult when I am lecturing to myself - no students are in the classroom - and many may not watch the recording.

What i have learn

it is important to give the student the same experience online as well in a classroom 

Broaden your help to outside the classroom

Post local events and fun things to do on Announcements on the LMS.

new paradigms in evaluation

With this new vision of the development of online courses, I will be increasing activities focused on student participation by 30% more, for example: Blogs and concept maps.

Matching Curriculum with tools in your tool box

At my Job as an Electrical Instructor sometimes I have to revise labs to ensure student interaction and understings.  So my quetion would be is what would you do in a lab situation without that matching Component  ?


Regards to all

John Bonaccorso


Very good and informative course


Course revission is very imoortant and a key part in a course management.

Engaging students

During this course I learned different ways to motivate the students in an online course.


Formative ans summative assesment are very important and crucial for the effectiveness of the learning process.

Online discussion

Online discussions are the heart of the course.  I try to make them interesting, relevant to current events, and thought provoking.  I try to encourage (Good post or Great thought at the beginning) and I open the question for all students by ending my response with (Thoughts anyone?) 


Make yourself accessable. Be empathetic.  Remember when you were a student and the challenges you faced.  Remember your best teachers and their best techinques. 

Be Present

I always worry that I am not intereacting with each of my students enough for them to feel supported. So, I'm going to work on some type of rubric to help me chronicle my time with each student.  Don't know what it'll look like yet.

Empower with Growth mindset

Empower Students and acculturate with mutual inclisivity to complete the courses

Online Teaching

My preference is classroom because I enjoy person-to-person interaction. However distant learning is the way of the present and future. It enable persons to get needed training 

for whatever their career goals are. I have learned a great deal of information from this course. I will reinforce it and utilize in my educational path.

Never forget that students are more than just the product in your course; they are also consumers

I disagree. Students may be paying tuition, but they should not be seen as consumers. This is the business model (vocabulary) imposed on the academy.

When I teach I do not see myself as a salesman of knowledge, and the institution I work in is not a corporation or a business. 

Students are consumers of information, but not market consumers. To commodify knowledge is to turn the classroom into a shopping center...which it isn't.