Introduce your LMS on Day 1

The LMS can be a scary place. Some LMS platforms like Canvas try to be as intuitive as possible. Others might meet all the technical requirements but they are so 1999. As the teacher, there are few... >>>

The module was very informative

Quizzes were informative. The section on this module is critical to learning the online teaching... >>>

Testing is a Learning Tool

Frequent, low-stakes or no-stakes testing in the form of games and interatives are a great learning... >>>

Very Helpful

I really like this first module, even that I know some of the tools , the combinations of them is very... >>>

Course Reflection

I look forward to using various topics I learned about in this course in my teaching practice, including formative vs. summative assessments, closing the loops, and using peer... >>>

Be specific

Be specific about what type of corrections to submissions you are asking for.  Give... >>>


This module has proven very useful to my development as an online educator. Thank... >>>


For so long i questioned myself about "wiki". Thinking Wikipidia, etc. Now I can say I know it, becuase I learned it here.
Thank... >>>

Direct communication with students on their level

In my career as an educator I find it equally important to communicate personally as well as professionally. A student is more likely to give more detailed descriptions of their issues to a personably... >>>

Individual Conferences

I have taken the time to create individual conferences to not only meet the students but to give them "positive" feedback and call out something they are doing well!  I have less than 10 students... >>>


I learned how to better communicate with students and will apply my knowledge in and out of the... >>>



Teaching Students

Give each student time to accommodate to online learning. Take the time to discover what the student states will be their greatest... >>>

Student Course Evaluations

I recall in my first Online instructional coure I used ONLY student evaluation of the course to modify my next course. Oh boy was my other campus stakeholders... >>>

Great Stuff!

This is great. It fortifies what we already... >>>

Teaching Online Learners

Teaching online learners has helped me to really evaluate students learning habits and time management skills. We have been working on techniques such as how to be successful in class during virtual... >>>


I would like to share a situation I had in my last four online classes. I constantly communicated with students and sent reminders each week.
I was suprized that 80% of the students in each class... >>>

Online Teaching

This course helped great deal in providing ideas and guidance how to teach the students remotely. I haven't  taught an online course yet, but this course prepared me with tools needed if I am... >>>