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Think of blogs as self-published mini articles. Share your experiences and challenges. Share your successful and failed strategies. Share your proven techniques and best practices. And don’t forget to solicit comments from your peers so we can all learn from the collective knowledge and expertise of our thriving community.


As a nurse professor, I've had the privilege of guiding aspiring nurses on their educational journey. Over the years, I've discovered several valuable techniques, methods, and best practices that have contributed to successful outcomes in nursing education. In this blog post, I'll share some of these insights, along with the challenges I've faced and how I've overcome them.

Engaging Teaching Methods: One of the most effective strategies I've found is to use a variety of teaching methods to keep students engaged. From traditional lectures to interactive discussions and hands-on simulations, I tailor my approach to meet the diverse learning needs… >>>


I believe students have a higher chance of success when instructors provide timely, constructive, individualized, and encouraging feedback on each and every assignment as well as participate in the discussions at least four days a week including one day on the weekend.

I love teaching

Sharing knowledge is my best tool.

Teaching techniques for online education

Teaching techniques for online education

Learning the different learn

I got out of it the different learners and to me that is so interesting to know, as well as the The technology that we would be using the sources that we can get into the different programs it’s gonna be interesting. That’s what I’m excited about. It was a lot I got from that is a lot that I would take with me and use it to help me grow into this hybrid learning.

Building Better Students

I try to ensure that I meet my students where they are at. As an online doctoral learner, I understand how important it is to find and maintain balance between school and work. Therefore, I encourage my students to reach out to me early and often to help navigate issues that could potentially lead to attrition, and compromise their academic journey.

Student approach methods

This course gave me the tools to learn how to create solid material and lesson plans for students to learn in any fashion.

Constructive tone

Tone is so important. Even when a student is angry, disruptive, and so forth, we can respond in a way to change the mood. Sometimes, it's important to walk away from an email before responding.


I have learned that it is more beneficial for students to be more strict when it comes to accepting excuses, because every student has them and it is not fair to allow some excuses and not others. I love that Concorde has a very strict policy on late work--this makes the expectation clear for all students.

Interactive teaching

Critical thinking does not come easy to everyone, therefore instructors can utilize problem solving tasks to encourage more thinking. This allows for interaction between classmate or groups to pose different opinions, responses and dialog which cultivate learning which does not feel like learning.

Interactive teaching

Instructors Should have at least 3-5 learning strategies and those strategies should coincide with the learning objective. Also that student need to more than a passive learner to help the develop skill of time management, brain storming with peers and tools of debating and discussing material within small groups and developing a sense of team. Rubics plays a role is assessing student completed material that reduces judgement as an assessment instead as an opinion.

Interactive teaching

Set backs can occur when the instructor is use to the face to face style teaching as lecturer and when the student are refusing to participate in critical thinking or have never experience this style in past educational experiences. This active learning style may be hard to grasps by both instructor and student alike. The benefit is that the learning is place squarely on the student with instructor role as monitor of student achievements. It also provide for critical thinking through role playing, group discussion ado or games to allow retention of information. Good technology benefit both and when it… >>>

Interactive teaching

Students are well prepared when the interactive teaching style is presented. This style allows for discussions, collaboration among peers,group project all at allowing student to do critical thinking and problem solving. All teacher will benefit when student retain information and it is applied to their personal lives,

Student Success

Student success is top priority. By having all my homework done and ready for the start of class will help my availability to students. This will keep my focus on the classroom environment 

Consistent frameworks

School accreditation site visitors look for consistent frameworks being used throughout the curriculum. All syllabi used in the program need to be reviewed and updated to ensure all course learning objectives are being met. 

Action plan

My action plan to be successful in the classroom is:

1.  Review course content, set-up, prepare, and post biography.  The biggest challenge with be becoming more comfortalbe with the LMS.  A wise educator once told me, "Begin with the end in mind."  This - is my best practice for me with any course.

Robert Carpenter

I will focus on engagement by incorporating interactive activities and discussions into my training sessions. I will use various online platforms and tools to create a dynamic learning environment that encourages active participation from my students. For example, I might use breakout rooms for group discussions, online polls for instant feedback, and multimedia presentations to enhance the learning experience.

To ensure effective learning, I will also include quizzes throughout my training sessions. These quizzes will not only assess the students' understanding of the material but also serve as a way to reinforce key concepts. I will design the quizzes to… >>>

Wisdom Quote by Phil Collins

My students enjoy exchanging quotes during our morning huddle, so decided to share a teaching quote with my peers.

Enjoy and make it a great day :)

”In learning you will teach, in teaching you will learn.” Phil Collins


Using your skills in the virtual classroom can be a very successful thing if done correctly.  There are several ways to approach your new classroom.  Participation is key and, but it has to be engaging with the students.  Providing feedback to the students as often as possible will improve the student, instructor communication.  Also, having a module of your class and the course management system will provide you as an instructor with fool proof learning objectives. 

Juan Carlos García Corzo

In principle, thanking you for the course was very enriching, it will add exponentially to your career as a teacher and I promise to develop more courses.
On the other hand, I would like to tell you that the years that I have shared in the academy have allowed me to develop a strategy with my students. I empower them and I always tell them that 🎶I'm Unstoppable today🎶, this allows me to hijack their attention, and only then do I achieve the transmission of knowledge in a very assertive way.