new paradigms in evaluation

With this new vision of the development of online courses, I will be increasing activities focused on student participation by 30% more, for example: Blogs and concept... >>>

Matching Curriculum with tools in your tool box

At my Job as an Electrical Instructor sometimes I have to revise labs to ensure student interaction and understings.  So my quetion would be is what would you do in a lab situation without that... >>>


Very good and informative... >>>


Course revission is very imoortant and a key part in a course... >>>

Engaging students

During this course I learned different ways to motivate the students in an online... >>>


Formative ans summative assesment are very important and crucial for the effectiveness of the learning... >>>

Online discussion

Online discussions are the heart of the course.  I try to make them interesting, relevant to current events, and thought provoking.  I try to encourage (Good post or Great thought at the... >>>


Make yourself accessable. Be empathetic.  Remember when you were a student and the challenges you faced.  Remember your best teachers and their best... >>>

Be Present

I always worry that I am not intereacting with each of my students enough for them to feel supported. So, I'm going to work on some type of rubric to help me chronicle my time with each student. ... >>>

Empower with Growth mindset

Empower Students and acculturate with mutual inclisivity to complete the... >>>

Online Teaching

My preference is classroom because I enjoy person-to-person interaction. However distant learning is the way of the present and future. It enable persons to get needed training 
for whatever... >>>

Never forget that students are more than just the product in your course; they are also consumers

I disagree. Students may be paying tuition, but they should not be seen as consumers. This is the business model (vocabulary) imposed on the academy.
When I teach I do not see myself as a salesman of... >>>

Metaphor of Scaffolding

"Just as in construction, poorly built learning scaffolds can sabotage future learning." Sabotage is the wrong word here. You mean undermine the foundation to learning.
The Scaffold metaphor works,... >>>


"Remember, what you won't tolerate in your F2F course, you should never tolerate in your online course." 
This should read "wouldn't" not won't. Also, students using an Alias? What's preventing... >>>


sometimes as an instructor, you will need to explain assignments over and over, to make sure all students understand the... >>>

tech v touch

never let the students feel they are getting less education when not in... >>>

Weekly Updates

It is always helpful at the beginning of the week to send a quick outline of what is expected and due. Not to mention a positive note of... >>>

Stressing the Importants of the on line learning

Some students still feel that the instructors are going to still teach all the material, when all of the teaching is done on line. It takes a while for them to... >>>

Helping students connect when they are on different campuses

Creating small projects that 2 or 3 students can do helps them meet and work with each other.  This often breaks the ice and they start interacting with the rest of the students in the course via... >>>

Self- and Peer-assessment

Self- and peer-assessment is a great practice. It is designed to allow students to get involved in the learning and assessment process. What is a good way to assign students in groups so that they can... >>>