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Having students in an e-learning environment doesn't excuse the instructor from keeping documentation and staying organized with proper records.  

Giving proper feedback is important for both learning styles to promote student participation.

A syllabus is a contract to assure the students know what is expected of them.

Planning, expecting non-verbal cues, presentation using scaffolding, and font size are important for students.

Inspiring teachers and engaging students

Projecting your authority and presence and establishing a teacher/learner relationship in the classroom include practical strategies such as connecting with the learner via email and attaching a brief bio.

I learned the different types of learner in the online classroom setting to be able to understand and address any situation with each student based on the type of learner.

When providing feedback to students,  should be delivered in way to encourage participation and motivation

As an online instructor, one must know how to influence and inspire students.

I learned that it is important to become familiar with information, methods and resources in order to be an effective online instructor.

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