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Managing the E-Learning Environment | Origin: EL102

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Online Teaching Techniques -->  Managing the E-Learning Environment

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I learned that there may be students who will challenge the system. Keep good communication and any disruptions that may occur in their file. Remind them of the guidelines also

In an online environment, procrastination can happen more frequently, just for the sheer fact that students are not expected to show up at class at a certain time and they don't necessarily feel the pressure of knowing their instructor and fellow students face to face. I also learned that it's import to know your university's polices around dispute resolution and to document everything. 

This section provided valuable information on how and when to address different types of students. It also provided useful information about strategies to employ when dealing with difficult students professionally and fairly while protecting the integrity of your course.

On line courses require a different level of dedication, therefore students tend to procrastinate.  Courses also require a level of writing intelligence in which some students may feel their writings skills are inadequate.

This session informed about attrition and reasons why students might choose to drop a course. Ex family issues, feeling of not having enough technical knowledge to be in an online course, and the workload of the course. Procrastinators must be reminded to save work off line and refer and remind them of IT support. 

I learned that it is very important to have a system to keep all communication with students in a organized manner, Also that not all students will not be as comfortable to learning online and the challanges are going to be bit different than on campus

Good communication is imperative to provide an e learning enivornment for the student.  Feed back  and counseling if needed is a necessarity to make a student successful.


Behaviors demonstrated in the online environment are very similar to those we encounter in a traditional classroom. It may take a bit longer to identify the behavior types, but the management of the behavior itself is consistent regardless of where the teaching occurs.

this informed us about attrition and reasons why they amy choose to leave a course.  biggest one is family issues and feeling of not having enough technical knowledge to be in an online course or the workload of the course. 

It's great to be reassured that referring back to institution guidelines and practices when dealing with e-learning behavior is a best-practice. Having the support from higher administration is incredibly important in managing online courses just as it is in traditional classrooms.

It sounds like we as instructoros will face the same type of issues that we come across in the class room as far as personalities go. I guess the way that we confront these issues will just be slightly different. 


It is important to understand instutional policies as they apply to e-learners. Understanding the different type of students is important for knowing how to navigate an online class to stay on topic.


I learned that there can be disruptive behaviors in an online course. As a student, I never saw disruptive behavior from other students. So it is a shock to learn that it is possible to be disruptive in an online course. 


The recognizion of the different types of learners is helpful in e-learning environment as well. 


I learned that it is important to be organized and detailed in your record keeping. You also need to be diligent in your communication with the students. Helping them with counseling, dealing with behavioral situations and keeping the student attrition to a minimum.


Staying tuned to the students' behaviors to identify risk signs for attrition are important as simply acknowledging a sense of feeling overwhelmed, for example, and offering resources and options can be enough to give them the encouragement to continue with the course.

Therre were a lot of different topics mentioned in this course. The behaviors and attrition are very important in both a triditional classroom and online courses. Each situation is different and must be addressed accordingly.

Ensure you are communicating with each student daily. Encourage the students to participate in the course discussions. Most students on-line with communicate with you by e-mail. 

There will be many challenges in conducting an online course, accompanied by major causes of conflict.  I will definitely need to search for our institution code of conduct for online participation and use that for a foundation on which to build.  I will need to acquire skills that will allow for resolvement of conflict in a fair, consistent, effective manner that will allow equity for each student.  Although I have attempted to master these skills in the class room, I feel high anxiety regarding my ability to carry my knowledge into the electronic classroom.  I will give it my best effort.


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