Friary Nguyen

Friary Nguyen

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Devotion, dedication and discipline are important qualities in empowering students to achieve their dreams. Build student confidence by giving them the opportunity actively engage and think through the process until the objective is achieved. This takes patience and connection.


Model courtesy, respect and rapport. Active learning assignments can help students learn content and soft skilled highly needed in health care.


Inspiring students to invest in their own education and ownership will require a more student-centered approach in the classroom.


take the  time needed to make a decision


The art of asking questions to elicit purposeful information. I will need to practice the art of asking purposeful questions.

It's great to be reassured that referring back to institution guidelines and practices when dealing with e-learning behavior is a best-practice. Having the support from higher administration is incredibly important in managing online courses just as it is in traditional classrooms.

The distinction between asynchronized and synchronized communication was helpful. Short, sweet, and to the point has been my online style; nevertheless a sentence or two of small talk to start and end does establish more of a caring nature and not just business.

Reply to Patricia Weaver's post: There's nothing like a genuine introduction to start off on the right foot. :)

It is great to review that trust and respect are also earned by actively participating in introductions, feedbacks, facilitation, in a timely manner. Most of my online professors who I respect are active instructors.

Familiarize onself with the online framework and make sure students have the resources to attend and navigate.

I'm familiarizing myself with this discussion lounge with MaxKnowledge as we speak. :)


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