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The working environment has a culture that could influence the atmosphere and company's core values and company's morles.

To enchance the knowledge of the instructor to understand the tool available to make the student more successful in the on-line learning environment, is needed to make both parties comfortable on line.


Communication is an important aspect in the on-line class.  It is also imperative that all aspect of communication is include in email,etc.  to ensure messages are understood.


I inted to apply the question and answer relay race in the class.  


I have use differerent activities in my lecture.  Raising number cards when asking questions, group activities with a spokes personand and  using IV tuving and  IV bag to assist with understanding of IV math calculation.


I have use different aspects to evaluate students in the nursing skill lab.  Oral assessment along with physical participation in the assessement.  I have used simulation using the virtual hospital to assess the student recall, recognition of knowledge and development of intellectual skills.  I continue to re-evaluate the methods of cognitive understanding in the skill lab environment.  


The instructor has influences with the students view by projecting true trust transplancy.

The concept of the company having the human touch is important in the economy of today.  The expectation of the customer have changed drastically through the years and today's customer looks at good value and customer service. The customer  contact 20 people by word of mouth but much more through social media. So customers can make your company propser or make you fail. 

Ensure cultural conflict reflect ethical standards by the check and balance on all levels.  

When recruiting a student, the respresentative must focus on given the correct information to the student and know the state restriction on location recrutiment activities.

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