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I have learned to not think of retention as a goal but to make every interaction count and by doing the right things the right way every day and having the right people in the right place at the right time is where the focus should be while providing high-level customer service to everyone. 

It is important to explain why and how learning the information will benefit the student and how they can apply it in their career. Building trust in the relationships of student to student and student to instructor may help the adult learner to feel comfortable in responding and asking questions in the learning environment. 

Making courses accessible and beneficial to everyone is important to all students success. Researching the many tools available is a good place to start.

Assistive technology can be helpful for students and must be made available. 

It is important and necessary to provide what is needed to meet the lesson objectives and ensure materials are available and useful to all students to be successful in achieving their goals and to follow the laws set for us regarding education. 

It is important to be aware that students in an online community need to feel comfortable with the LMS and interacting with classmates and the instructors. This is especially true when students have anything that impairs their learning. Instructors may need to adjust their plan for delivery if they find anyone needs it.

Lab kits are useful to assist in teaching and evaluating the lab skills in a virtual environment. 

It is very important in an asynchronous environment specifically, for instructors to keep up with accurate and timely grading, also communication with students regarding their progress.

Many institutions have moved to partial or fully asynchronous learning. Instructors have the opportunity to grow while planning to engage students in their learning process.

Whether learning in an asynchronous or a synchronous environment students can be engaged in learning. If possible students should take a learning assessment to determine how they may learn best.

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