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This module offered great ideas to get students involved in discussion/class participation as well as the REFOCUS tools to help re-engage students and get over a mid-term hump. Staying open to new instructing ideas and methods will help reenergize the students and the instructor. 

The uncertainty that comes with being a new instructor and mid-course grades can be overwhelming. I will utilize some of the strategies to support the students at an earlier point in the course.


Diversity of content and delivery are key to maintaining subject matter interest.  Additionally, reflection must be employed during the course to actively keep material fresh, students engaged, and instructors inspired.  New approaches and the use of narrative can serve to personalize and energize students as the course approaches routineness.  This can reinvigorate students to recommit to the material and one another.


Always Keeping students engaged and focused is A goal To Better learning.

The combination of learnativity and establishing rapport with students can set the stage for student retention. Rapport between the instrutor and student can develop mutual respect, trust, and identify common goals that result in an emotional bond. This bond with student can improve classroom managment by decreasing managment issues with students.

This modlule gave me lots of ideas on how to keep the students interested in the toopic I am teaching.

REFOCUS means:

  • Recognize
  • Empower
  • Focus
  • Objectivize
  • Commit
  • Unburden
  • Surprise

I really appreciate this acronym as I have in the past felt the creeping tinge of burn out in teaching a class. This is a good reminder to step back and continue forward with renewed purpose.  

Use stories to break up the lecture and keep students interested.  You may consider telling an applicable story every 20 minutes or so.


I really liked the crisis game. It allows for application of knowledge and a break from lecture. 


This module gave me many ways that I can engage and motivate my students and keep me on the same track so to keep momentum of learning going forward throughout the year.  The instructor plays an important role by being positive, energetic and motivated toward bring strategies in his/her instruction to fuel the learning success to all students.


Keeping students engaged and forces  will help there  learning process 

Seth Soronnadi

Learned that; "A mid-course evaluation will give you the pulse of the class. By knowing how the students are progressing in the course, you will know that you are right on course with their training or if you need to make any changes."


Learners have about a 15 minute attention span. It is important to draw students into class discussions or involve them in critical thinking.  


Variety is the spice of life.  Keep things fluid, positive, and uplifting. Change can be good.


Using 3X5 cards for feedback and assessments.


This module offered strategies to maintain instructional momentum, but the presentation solicites the student buy and as the leader we must tie in the learning excersie with the professional standards of care and positive client outcomes.


I love learnativity!


Be geniune with students. They tend to pick up and subtle clues of how you really feal.


Giving ways to apply past class learning in novel ways at certain points is a strong idea. 

I like the situation game. I think that would help students. 


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