Annie Tinsley

Annie Tinsley

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Each generation can learn from each other. My lesson plan must include a way to use that connection.


Don't use technology for technology sake.


Each generation has specifics that define them, their learnig styles and personal preferences for success.


24% of public schools have service learning components

Formative evaluations are on going. Summative evaluations come at the close or at intervals in the program.


Service lerning project can be set up so that students can choose from various options as opposed to be assigned.


Students get practical experience with service learning that help them and the community. We can set up specific programs as needed to assist in the community.


Evaluation helps with future decision making projects. Evaluation is needed to help access the problem-solving method and the students ability to do so.

There are many types of intelligences. The best idea is using reflective thinking as part of the final analysis.


Critical thinking is a process. I will forge better questions.


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