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Games and other ways of learning are often good for remembering information as it gives them something to relate to. Changing things up can also help with attention span. 

I have learned the importance of variety and surprise in keeping students engaged and reaching all learning styles. I will be evaluating my lessons to incorporate these ideas in my lesson plans.

keeping them engaged by interactions from all 

Learnativity.  More motivation leads to more information acquisition, more memory development and more student success.  It is important to keep information in small chunks and provide active learning opportunities for students to immediately use the new information.  This will also increase their self confidence in the material and keep them on track to progressing.  Keeping variety in instruction will help with mid-term slump and help students and instructor refocus and reinvigorate.  

This part of this section that stuck out to me talked about working with different students int he class who may speak up themselves or getting others to speak up. 

From this module, I learned the importance of evaluating student engagement and adjusting class sessions based on student feedback. Additionally, it is important to vary class sessions in order to promote student engagement.

Enthusiasm for the content can be contagious and draw the students in

I enjoyed learning about the REFOCUS tool.

I like the idea of the crisis game.  I will try this for sure :)

This segment shows that both the students and the teachers can lose focus during certain segments of the class. Learning how to adapt and shift "gears" when this occurs is essential. Being able to REFOCUS your students and yourself will continue the path for everyone to stay engaged and be retained in both teaching and learning.


Working memory stores info and retrieves when needed.

It is important to be mindful of the energy I bring to the classroom as that will dictate how the students feel about the class going forward, it will influence their behavior in class, and also impact how committed they are to completing their coursework. 

Engagement is key, especially mid-semester when teachers and students tend to lose steam. It is important to identify this and have the students recommit to their learning. Also, adding variety to instruction will support student engagement.

Vary teaching styles to keep students engaged

Build rapport, engage students, help them to want to participate.  different strategies in instruction can be a good thing so that it doesn't become mundane.

The importance of building rapport with the students, and how to create a trustful relationship to keep them motivated, and engaged. 

Allow students a chance to tell a story, but don't let it throw off your entire lesson plan for the day.

If I am not excited and enthusiastic about the course, my students won't be either.

I think the Refocus tool will be very beneficial for me

Engaged and focused with a touch of refocus when necessary. Its always been about keeping the students engaged and on task. This has been the reminder of that.

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