jose cohetero

jose cohetero

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Never heard of the Pygmalion effect  but  I have learned that it is something I been using Already. 

Teaching  with games and simulators  can help enhance  the learners education.

I have learned that the environment   in the class rooms plays a big role to teaching 

I really like the methods of teaching in this module. It helped me get back into my creative side of things 

I learned that there is always a certain percent of students  with disabilities. It is my responsibility  to learn with them  and become a better instructor as I prepare towork with them and there needs.


Grouping students is very effective when learning. Doing it the right way will enhance learning.

I've learned how to  put and not  to put students  in a group. 

I learned that I need to work on my speech  to make sure I talk clearly  

Be clear about your grading policies and  everything will be okay.

I've learned  that not all students  will be on the same level of education  and higher some lower. This is were i need to find a way that works for everyone. Either put them in a small groups or  talk to other instructors  for advice 

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