Kwinn Doran

Kwinn Doran

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I appreciate that this course keeps stressing that at the core all learners share more in common than not, including across generations. 

Generational perspectives are starting points, not end points... all learners are essentially the same.

some generalizations here are far off base, but interesting to think about. The trends that people grew up in certainly influence..

Good information. I would just suggest Gen Y, if we are generalizaing, is not self centered... massive activism, achieving real change (or seeking it) for others, etc. Interesting considerations, though, so long as we note these are truly broad generalizations. The most tech savy tech saturated people I know are late baby boomers. 

Reminded of Dewey's focus on learning by doing and its relation to modern developments in service education

Distinguishing between business internship, community service, and service learning was useful

The coordination between admin, faculty, and community to meet and benefit from student educational / career goals is key to overall success. 

Service learning is important, but often depends on offices and administrators beyond the professor (as it must be the case... but it is an added complication / consideration)

Evaluation of results is like reflection after an excersize... it helps us or students improve overall problem solving skills. 

Wendy's approach reminds me of listening first as a way to "lead" as SNCC embodied (one commercial, one far deeper and profound, but the idea of reflection, listening, not having pre-conceived assumptions, similar). 

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