Vonda Reed

Vonda Reed

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A Chinese proverb is presented for more thought and reflection:

"I hear, and I forget; 

I see, and I remember;

I do and I understand."

And understanding leads to change and growth! 


So true and profound!!!!

The real key to instruction is still based upon the human connection that is made between student and instructor.

It is vital to understand the various generations of students within your class so that you know how to engage them with learning. 

Generation Z people are hyper-aware of their surroundings and have confidence that through technology they can access information when needed!

Fifty percent of the community colleges and 25 percent of four-year institutions have made service learning a part of their curriculum.


Evaluating service learning is conducted formatively and summatively.

Research supports that service learning increases the likelihood that students will engage in pro-social behavior, while decreasing their participation in at-risk behavior

Service learning is an excellent pedagogical tool to allow students to take their classroom knowledge out into the community and make application of it to help others. Moreover, they are helping to build stronger communities throughout this type of learning.

Decision dependent problem solvers are very concerned about how the decision they make will impact others but decision independent thinkers make decisions without regard to what the consequences of their decisions might be on anyone

Reflective thinking is very helpful in the critical thinking process.


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