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Be a good model for your students. Showing passion for your craft and interest in the topics that you're teaching will keep them engaged.

One way to keep students engaged is in group activities acting out crisis situation. this will help mitigate mid-course slump.

This session introduced new opportunities in the classroom, that I intend on using.

I learned that stories should be used to fulfill a definite instructional purpose. They help students visualize and internalize complex issues or concepts. Anecdotes draw students into the learning process by activating their imaginations.

The "crisis game" is something I want to put into practice with my students. I know that in my area of teaching, it will bring about real-life situations in which students can practice what they have been learning.

It was a good section to remind us that to engage students in discussions, we need to incorporate their real life experiences and how it can affect their learning outcomes and retention.

The refocus method seems extremely useful to remotivate yourself as an instructor. 

I have learned methods of how to connect with the students.

Know your students and try to include the ones that don't speak up often. One strategy could be allow them to express thoughts and ideas through writing

By creating a base of trust with student can help build student rapport, in which can be a powerful learning tool.

Stories can add to the class by showing application of the material.

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