Georgiana Bougher

Georgiana Bougher

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 Learning is enhanced when active learning strategies are employed.

I liked the sheet exercise for the heart

I really like the dot on the watch strategy.  It can be difficult to keep tabs on multiple students in a clinical setting.  I also like the idea of hand gestures.

These were interesting ideas for promoting critical thinking in the classroom.


Students need to be aware of the outcomes expected and how they are meeting those outcomes.

Documentation of learning experiences, outcomes should be required. It is also important to assess the effectiveness of programs and identify what needs to change.

Nursing internships provide students real world experience.  During nursing clinical experiences students usually only care for 1-2 patients.  An internship allows them to experience the management needed to care for 6-8 patients.  Very different


It is important for faculty to document students have been provided safety instructions and that safety is reinforced to protect themselves from being sued.

Clearly stating expected student behaviors in a rubric using objective descriptions is useful students and faculty alike.  Students know what is expected and faculty will decrease student grievances about unfair grading practices.  Formative evaluations using objective measures gives student the opportunity to improve improve performance.


Addressing different learning styles is important.  Faculty should try to incorporate different methods into lessons to address this.  Simulation learning is great for this. High fidelity sims provide the opportunity for students to take theoretical knowledge, think about, manulate it, reflect on the experience to identify support or flaws in their thinking.

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