Billie Mikus

Billie Mikus

Location: pueblo colorado

About me

I am a CPC with 20 + years experience in both billing and coding . I worked as a Accounts recievable clerk, Accounts payable, Medical records clerk. I have been a Unit clerk,  for 1 year I was a rual postal carrier.  I was Instructor and came back to instruct.  


love teaching, sewing, crafts, growing flowers, creating things, learning new things


trade schools help alot because not everyone can go to college  because of expence 

presentations are great tool for learn because we all learn in different ways some are visual, others are hands on.  

Its important to acknowledge student and let them know they are doing good.l


activities sounds great.


use critical thinking in the clasroom.


I think using blackboard and LMS might be benifical.


not being face to face interaction with students needs much more support and feedback in the online enviroment than in a traditional course. 


Plan Plan


work load management is best


contact the students often and communication on both parties is important 


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