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I like the simulation.  We do that in nursing already, but what a great idea to add a situation to class groups to break up the monotony of lectures.  Mixing the learning strategies makes for variety and more memorable learning.

I learned the word "Learnativity". It's a reminder to me that both the instructor and student have to take an active role so as to move the learner from novice to expert.s

I think it is natural for students to get too comfortable during mid-phase. It is good to know that as instructors, we have a fair amount of control over that situation. It is important to keep the students focused and motivated. 

Ive learned that the second half of the course we're teaching can become tedious for the student. Therefore, withhout implementing variety in our style, the students may lose motivation and interst. I will approach this by applying the "Re-focus" method and also keeping the students envolved by acknowledging their progress and telling them personal stories within the field which will help them relate to them and ultimately regain their motivation and attention.

I had never heard about REFOCUS before. But I found this to be useful and plan to utilize it in my classes. 

I enjoyed learning ideas to encourage rapport in the classroom such as encouraging trust, respect, and identification of common goals.  It is also important to remind students of why they chose this program such as having them write down why they choose their career on a 3x5 card.  


It's challenging to think of exciting ways to explore and teach material, but the students will enjoy it because it's totally unexpected. Changing teaching methods is very creative and exhausting.

When planning your presentations make sure to introduce change, variety, and even surprises into your lessons so your students will stay interested and engaged.

I appreciated the REFOCUS tool and plan to definitely incorporate it, particularly in the longer courses.


I thought this section was interesting!


I really enjoyed this section. Reminders that as faculty we need to recharge and focus to ensure excitment about our cotent is important. In addition, I really liked the idea of a mid-course inventory to learn what the students are retaining. This could help inform the second half of the course. 


The key points to rapport  are trust and understanding of others' concerns..,. if you can manage those two things, students will see you as someone they can trust and believe you have a genuine concern for their success in your class.

The REFOCUS tool. It assists us to be creative and reflect on our achievements.

Reignite the fire for learning the subject by real life experiences that I have encountered and how I resolved them then ask for feedback on what they think about my solution you'll learn from them and yourself nobody is to old to learn something new

I think that changing up the lesson plan mid way through a term or semester can help stimulate the students.  It is true, that midway throught a term, the students are exhausted and they have difficulty with motivation to learn.  I liked learning about the "crisis game".  Very interesting and I will also incorporate this into my teaching tools.


In order to keep your classroom, teaching methods fresh and're always implementing different teaching methods. 

I have always believed that getting everyone to participate and being an active learner is important for one to recall information learned. I think hands-on participation and recall is vital to learning. However, I find it challenging teaching online. Not only is it hard to recognize a class of 30 plus students the computer moves students all around. Not to mention you have two pages of students. How are others meeting this challenge? 


Good information on staying engaged and how to handle talkative and quiet students

Excellet reminder how buidling professional relationships between student and professor are essential.

I liked the idea of telling a story and changing your lecture style to keep the students engaged


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