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From this section of learning it reminded me that keeping things fresh are important.  As an instructor, to us the material seems old, mundain, we have read it, taught it, multiple times.  It is important to keep in mind that it is the first time the new students are hearing.  We need to keep it as exciting as the first time we taught it.


I really like the emergency crisis simulation. I previously did something slightly different but this is better. Other than that good discussion on story every 20 minutes to refocus students and keept he story on point.

In this model, it was reemphasized on the importance of building rapport with your students. This is very important because students must feel like they are respected and valued. Instructors contributing to building rapport are invested in the learning process of their students, as well as creating connections that will help to promote a better learning experience. 


Using the REFOCUS method is a great way to keep yourself engaged as an instructor as well as maintain the concentration levels and motivation for the students in the class. 

I think that one of my biggest fears has always been to look like I made a mistake. See, when I am coding and I have students following for the correct syntax, I am always worried that I will make some big or minor mistake and look like I am a novice. Like I am not sure what I am doing. It is one of the most difficult things that I must accept and get over because it can show them to not be afraid to try and that everyone makes a mistake from time to time.

Remembering to refocus when feeling burnt out so that I won't lose my enthusiasm for what I am teaching. 

I love the idea regarding REFOCUS. I feel this can be relateable to students on various levels


I learned a lot in this section of the course. However, I am not sure doing any of it would benefit my students or be beneficial for me personally. I will have to consider it all internally in the next upcoming weeks and months. I do not like telling stories. However, coaching students is definitely something I can do. So, I'll have to consider that piece of the instruction in this section.


I really liked the idea of a mid-course evaluation. 

Important to build rapport with the class as a whole and individually. REFOCUS during stagnant times.


I like the idea of the "crisis game" to spark their application of material being learned


Variety, spontaneity, energy, all keep students engaged and active in their class participation. Learning is emotional, never really thought of this in this actual way! If in the "Slumps", REFOCUS!


Discussions with students are very beneficial and productive because they are able to relate their experiences in what they are learning and this is a good reinforcement.

I liked the idea of using 3x5 cards to write down an answer to a class disccussion topic. That way students are prepared to answer when called upon, and those that are not called upon simply have the advantage of thinking about the question and summoning a response from either memory or lecture. 

It is very hard to get "total" class participation. There often seems to be one, two even three class spokesmen and at least one debator. I like the ideas mentioned about drawing into participation some of the content/shy students.

This section focuses more on being personable.  Students need to know that you are human.  One way of doing so is by telling a story.  Also, as an instructor, if you prepared the lecture appropriately and dilvered the message just as effectively and your students didn't perform as well as you expected; you shouldn't be too hard on yourself.  Givng yourself some praise.


1. Stay excited and enthusiastic in teaching

2. Be prepared to use different styles of instruction/technique

3. Embrace mid evaluations to adapt to learner needs

I enjoyed every line of this course so far. The course is very needed especially at this time when we all do online teaching. I am going to use 3X5 cards for their assessment on the assignment and will definitely tell them stories related to the subject every now and then. I loved the idea of refocus strategies and will use them for my class.


Reply to Jacob Pope's post: Yes Jacob, I didnt know the strategies either. very interesting and I am sure they work for each class perfectly.

Reply to Christopher Brown's post: Great point you mentioned. I believe this is a fear for many of us who teaches or fascilitaes the learning of the students. By overcoming our fears and by acceptance of "To Err Is Human" we can become a confident instructor.

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