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Questioning not only reinforces information it gives the presenter and idea of how he/she is presenting the material.

socratic method of teaching is effective by forcing individuals to question what they think they already know. furthermore it is crucial to ask questions and structure them in a way that it promotes critical thinking.

A phrase was used that I always tell my students. That there are no stupid questions. And, I try to encourage my students to ask questions during class. 

This module was helpful in learning how to use questions to further understanding of a topic and to increase students participation during lectures.

I learned from this module that students will be engaged with answering questions based on how the question is asked, how the instructor responds to the question, and how much the instructor expects. I think it is important to ask basic open-ended questions to start a discussion and keep the questions building upon each other. 


Work off student feedback. Use it to better future courses. 

that is very important in how you ask questions and listen to their answers. 

Proper questioning can lead to a deeper understanding of the subject or issue.


Asking questions can open up the student to new learning but it can also be a good way to shut down discussion and further attempts by the student to engage. Questions must be handled appropriately. Must be respectful. Use questions to expand on content and understanding, not to show how much you know. 

Made me think about how I can draw out better questions and ask better questions.

Many students have question anxiety. They need to know that it is ok not to have every answer. it also leads to better discussions. 

Making sure I am asking different questioning approaches for students to engage in participation.  Open ended questions are always a bonus as well. 

  Through adequate engagement with the students by questions , the teacher should be able to:

   1). Share new ideas/concepts

    2.) Help student comprehend those ideas

    3.) Help student make inferences from those ideas to other situations

    4.) Help student apply that knowledge in another situation

     5.) Help students analize the application 

      6.) Help student evaluate the entire process. 



There is no such thing as a stupid question and students sometimes dint ask becasue they dont want to seem less knowdlgeable than other students 


Asking the right questions and listening to what happens after that is just as important as the material being presented.


I learned that knowing how to question students properly is a good tool for instructional purposes.  


Always use open ended questions to keeep the dialogue open between the instructor and students. 

This module reinforced for me how important it is to plan questioning strategies to get the most from your time with students.


I definately learned some good techniques as to how I can use questioning to keep the students engaged as well as a check on learning regarding the material.

its important to know how to appropriately ask students questions to ensure they are learning and discussing without the fear of being labeled stupid. its also imporant to avoid asking questions in attempts of only gaining attention of distracted students that aren't paying attention. 


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