Roy Gloria

Roy Gloria

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Making sure that the right trained person is available to answer the students questions about their disabilities and needs to ensure correct responses

Students with special needs must be accommanated as needed to insure equal opportunities to learning

All instutions of higher learning receiving federal grants must comply with requirements to accomadate students with disabilities.


Everyoone has the right to "Equal Opportunities"

Effective assessments are critical in evaluating both student comperhensation and instructors presentation 


Assessment not only conferms student comprehensation but allows instructor to make corrections to presentations as need to further improve his/her presentation. 


Questioning not only reinforces information it gives the presenter and idea of how he/she is presenting the material.

All questions are valid and should be treated with respect

Using differrent styles to reach 100% of student body. 

The use of various methods to reach all students in classroom ensuring equal comprehensation by all. I plan to use all that I've learned today to make me a better presentor of information


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