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 Explaining muscles by spaghetti noodles, ABG by go fish and acid-base by Pizza all sounds interesting . It can be confusing to students as well. Alllowing students to feel their own muscles...showing them what is acidic (lemons)and what is alkaline (Vinegar ) also helps...Learning a few things can help: Normal ph 7.35-7.45

metabolic: high ph/high O2=alkalosis

Metabolic: low PH/ Low O2=acidosis

Respiratory: Low ph/ High Co2= acidosis 

Respiratory: High ph/ low Co2=alkalosis 

 T-shirts and shower caps with the anatomy can also be seen in models, charts and pictures. Story of life to teach CPr is all well. I try to have students IMAGE. IMAGINE  you were walking and found a man on the ground. What is the first thing you would do?.) SHAKE the man! Maybe he fainted or is sleeping. 2.)Suppose he doesn’t wake up? Call 911 3.) Open airway-Is he breathing 4.) Next if he is not breathing check a pulse. No pulse 5.) etc.


I try to make the students image and think!

Black out bingo, event cards,dots for progress,etc. all seem like nice ideas. I do not agree with this teaching style. I like interaction with the students to learn of their progress instead of looking at dots. I like to give  students case studies so I can see them use their problem solving skills and critical thinking skills. I like to find out what they are learning, what questions they may have and find ways to assist them. Games are fine and maybe fun. Nursing is real life scenarios which I find exciting. I try to make taking care of patients… >>>

Creative Teaching Tools

- Enjoyed reading and understanding ways to teach, "Hard to teach subjects." It was interesting to read on, "brush with fame", "out of the ordinary", "wheel of supplies,etc." I am a very creative person and being a bedside nurse for over 30 years I have my own very creative ways to make clinical learning enjoyable. Instead of hang-man or puzzles, I like to give real life scenarios and ask ,"what would you do?" most of the students are surprised that these scenarios occurred  in a hospital setting. They are amazed at the response and are learning what… >>>

Evaluation of internships should be conducted to assess the students knowledge, provide a way for students to ask questions, resolve issues and obtain an understanding of the internship. The evaluations must be done in a timely manner, be objective, not done in front of classmates and should be sanwiched in nature. Sandwich Evaluations begin with a positive statement, then things to work on and then ends in a positiv e note.

Student supervision is a very important role and must not be taken lightly. Students need supervision from academic and employment perspectives and they are looking for educational opportunities , support for their roles and management of the experience . As Nursing instructors we need to make the connect between the nursing school and the place of work. We need to assess the students skills, introduce the students to the nurses and plan an exp[erience inwhich they can be excited to learn and grow in their new careers.   

 The internship process is very valuable to the students and the instructors when done properly. The intern needs good orientation and needs to sign a contract on what he/she will do and what is expected. The intern should make daily log entries of his/her experience every day so the student can reflect on what was done. The instrujctors need to give the interns feedback so the student can adjust his/her learning as needed.

Internships are a wonderful erxperience as I stated in the prior forum. I will help students to utilize time management skills, address staff in a professional manner, dress in a professional manner and find a variety of different opportunities to master. Thus, when the students actually have a job they will be more  confident in their skills.

 When my sons were in college they had interships every summer. It was a great way for them to enhance job opportunities, increase social skills, utilizing problem solving skills, explore their careers , find job placement and help them integrate what they learned into a practical application. They understaood why they had to learn certain things. I think internships also help students become workers. They are not spending their summers on the beach. 

Universal design is essential for all learners. To be provactive the tool should be flexible in use, simple and intuitive and tolerant in errors. I think Media Access Generator (MAGpie) is ideal.

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