Roshara Sanders

Roshara Sanders

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The end of class students need to be able to have comprhended the laterial they just learned I must have a inspiritartional way to engage them at the end of class 



Some of the core elements of a flipped classroom include increased interaction, increased personalized contact time, a combination of direct instruction and hands-on learning, archived lectures, and facilitated learning

SLide share is a great place to share presenations and have them post on other popular social networks 


Questioning as a teaching and learning technique engages students and helps them to explore information

Crictical thinking has been used since the start of early generations ( Fire) Students need to use critical thinking skills in efforts to be a btter leraner and sort out inaccurate information 


Adults need to feel like they have control over theri ability to learn 


Knowing about learning preferences may help you to understand and explain the differences you observe among your students.

There are severl approaches to take when conducting and creating test


have students conduct a self assesment this will allow the instructor to bridge the gap from what they have learned the most during the course


There is no such thing as a stupid question and students sometimes dint ask becasue they dont want to seem less knowdlgeable than other students 


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