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Joel Guevara

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Critical thinking has several aspects that we must emcompass all of them to the students. The creative critical thinking, reflective thinkingm and emotional intelligence all play a role as an educator. It takes a lot of effort and practice to become a critical thinker, and the techniques suggested will alwasy not only help the instructor, but ultimately the students' as well. As Instructors, we must learn how to adapt and prepare all different types of students, to enable them to be able to think critically in the field.

I think people forget one of the biggest benifits of attending a post secondary school is, discipline. I mean learning is always a top objective, but combining all of the aspects of school, it brings together the students ability to show being disciplined to be succesful. It encompasses many qualities needed to become succesful. Long term gratification instead of instrant which is where this society is going, so even if had equally qualified candidiates for a job, I would prefer the candidate who attended school even if it was in another discipline as going to school itslef shows many strong… >>>

Critical thinking is important in almost any discipline. It is important to teach our students this trait that is being lost, if we can utilize this in our teaching, the students will be better off since it is disappearing. 


Having clear and up front expectation of the course and classwork will help the students prepare for the course. Giving the students a clear expectation of the workload will set them up for success.

Having a solid lesson plan is required to be an effective teacher, however on top of that it is also a great thing to have a solid back up plan when you must keep the attention of students fro whatever reason.

Use different mediums for teaching, whatever is effective with your students. You tube, powerpoint, or whatever works.

Always have materials laid out ready to be used. Not only for instruction purposes, but for the students as well.

All instructors and departments are different, however, if we have the same goal, we can assist the students in that one aspect.

It is business model thinking, but with the heart of human compassion for the student, not only money.

I will have to takes notes on everything from student learning styles, to how they interact with me and each other, and make sure I am adjusting my knowledge and teaching style effectively to let them get the most out of my classes.

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