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Questioning as a Teaching Technique | Origin: ED103

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Student Learning and Assessment--> Questioning as a Teaching Technique

Post what you've learned about this topic and how you intend to apply it. Feel free to post questions and comments too.

I have learned that Questioning  builds the students but it is all in the approach or tecchnique of how it is guided

  Knowing how to question students properly will be effective instructional tool. Students stay focused being involved in the learning process.

From this module, I learned of the Socrates Method of asking questions. By asking these types of questions it helps an individual think of the question at a higher level of understanding. 

I  am now more aware of (i) how to ask questions in class and (ii) some of the fears that students experience in the classroom setting. 


Techniques for redirecting questions to another student and methods to stimulate or 'throttle down' the pace of the class through questioning.

this gave me some good ideas on hot to use questions not only to test student knowledge but also to drive discussion in the class and improve student engagement. 

Great refresher on questiong techniques and critical thinking. I plan to use new concepts to frame course objectives and summaries as questions and develop 5-6 pivitol questions to guide and connect course material.

This lesson gave me an insight on how and why using questioning as a tool to enhance students participation during lecture. 

Understanding questioning techniques and the application of questioning creates efficiences in the instructor, participation of the students and enhances overall learning.

Yes effective questioning comes from the understanding the material and students backgrounds and using examples they understand.


Questioning can improve student participation, allow students to think about the why and not just the what, and enourage further thought about a subject. I will use Socratic questioning whenever possible as a more effective  method than expository lecture.


Don't be quick to judge,there is more than 1 right answers 


I have learned that there are many forms ofquestioning to engage the students participation in the course study.

Asking open ended questions can involve the entire class.

Asking appropriate questions and formulating encouraging responses will enable your class to discuss material in a stress free environment. This will allow memorization of new material through discussion which often builds upon material that was discussed in lecture but may not fully be processed by some students. Many times students learn through paraphrased answers by their peers. By initiating a question and answer forum, students can review information in a different format.

Queation everything , asking leads to understanding for everyone 

This lesson gave me an insight on how and why using questioning as a tool to enhance students participation during lecture which I will incorparate.


I am fairly new to teaching and never realized that all these techniques used by instructors were actually learned strategies!
It is an art and takes a great deal of practice and skill to have it flow.


Question encourage students to come to class prepared so that they are able to participate in discussion.

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