Eric Dombou

Eric Dombou

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This is a great module about lerning about myself an effective teaching strategy to keep my students engage.

Meetingthe your class for the first time can be scary.  A thourough preparation using a checkilist for example can make the first meeting a successfull one.  There is no need to rush during the first encourter.

The take away from this module is that planning and preparation are time consuming but rewarding activities which must take place ahead of the actual bloc of instruction.

As an instructor, leader in my classroom, development is a continuous process.

I have learmed about the importance of putting things in perspective.  As an instructor, I need to find over the time the stratefy that works for me by adding variety in my teaching strategy and keeping notes.

I have learned that learning objectives and standards go hands-on-hands. A well defined learning objectives help intructional goal.  Standards of leaning help learners to gain the level of knowlege needed on a field environment.

Developing rational or planning for a lesson is beneficial for the instructor and students. Lesson plans help the instructors stay in track.

I have learned so far that planning is key to maintain an efficient pace during a block of instruction. Failure to plan is definetely planning to fail!

After going through this module, I have gained knowledge on how and why using different testing strategy.

I learned about the necessity of evaluating student, the different types of evaluation, and most importantly, the key difference between formative and summative evaluation

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