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Online courses must be evaluated and reevaluated on a constant basis to maintain up to date content and give the students the best education possible.

Feedback should be continuous and informative so that students may learn why they were incorrect.

A balance between professional and personal life is crucial to avoid burnout.

Being organized and dedicating specific times for certain tasks will lead to better time management.

It is important to include accessibility in your course when you are creating it rather than trying to retrofit your course.

There are many resources for students with disabilities that can be utilized. There are also apps and screen readers which help the student to access more material.

It is crucial for the online instructor to be aware of the resources available for students with disabilities.

It is necessary to provide accommodations for students that have disabilities in your online class. You should make these accommodations regardless of knowing that you have a student enrolled that has a disability since a very small percentage of students actually report they need special access.

A metarubric is used to evaluate rubrics to be sure that they are valid and reliable. They should be used periodically to ensure the rubrics that you are using are still valid.

There are many web resources to help create rubrics including some that may already be on your LMS system.

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