Pa Chi Moua

Pa Chi Moua

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In this module, I learned about CAT activities. By using CAT activities, it serves as a bridge between teaching and testing as well as how well a student is learning. It can be useful for the instructor to know if the students are understanding the content.

From this module, I learned of the Socrates Method of asking questions. By asking these types of questions it helps an individual think of the question at a higher level of understanding. 

Using different teaching styles will help students learn since it will have a variety of ways to reach a student's learning style. Students will be able to retain information better and the different teaching styles will allow each student to learn through preference.

In this module, I learned that motivating the students and providing positive feedbacks help the students learn more since it is a more comfortable learning environment. 

In this module, I liked learning about the REFOCUS tool. It helps an instructor be creative and reflect on their own achievements.

Adult learners are active learners and will want to apply what they learned. Young learners on the otherhand are passive learners. It is helpful to learn the students' names to build a rapport with them since it is their sense of identity.

It is important to know what the students want to learn from the course. Adult learners also have different expectations and different ways of learning and it is crucial to understand this since they have different learning paces.

It is important to be prepared and review course objectives with the students to allow them to prepare for note-taking as well as guidelines of what they are learning.

From this module, I have learned that certain tone and pace of voice are really important when lecturing. Moving around the room helps keep the students focused by redirecting their attention by giving their brain time to focus again. I look forward to applying what I learned from the module while speaking to my students and making sure to not fidget so much with pen clicking.

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