Daniel Reuther

Daniel Reuther

Location: triangle tech bethlehem pa

About me


     I am a carpenter with 30+yrs. experience in the construction imdustry, mainly doing residential finishes. I received my degree in construction technology from SUNY Delhi in 1991. I have been given the opportunity to expand my career with a teaching position to share my knowledge and expertise. I am new to teaching and am eager to learn. The techniques I have already learned from this program I have already started to utilize and  have been greatly beneficial to me and my students. I am looking forward to learning more in the upcoming courses.



Always be s role model, making yourself available and aware of your students to help with their career goals. 

 I must say the biggest problem lm having is teaching materal in the classroom. I'm a new carpentry teacher at a Progressive technical school about six months. I myself and my students are for the most part hands on learners in the lab is where we shine. I'm also introducing techniques that I have learned here which help I'm looking for ideas that will help me have those A-ha moments in the classroom. I'm enjoying this new path in my career and would like to convey as much information to the students as possible.

Obviously learning assessments need to focus on what they are expected to learn and what you have taught. R.c

initiating more active learning can help students stay interisted in the subject matter.

  Knowing how to question students properly will be effective instructional tool. Students stay focused being involved in the learning process.

Using different learing styles while teaching will help student focus, retention which turns into better grades.

  Showing excitement twards the subject helps motivate students along with knowing them will make students more confortable allowing them to take risks.

 I plan on showing more enthusiam twards the materal,asking more of the student ie. questions,feedback ect. adding stories.I will incorperate the strategys to avoid the mid corse slump to help with student focus.

 As a new Instructor finding that raising a students self respect will help with learning and classroom enviroment is great. Methods I learned will be molded into my teaching techniques.

Finding real career expations from students will help me bring more to the table in the class room as well in the lab.

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