Christopher  Vasatka

Christopher Vasatka

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this module took the previous modules and rolled them up into a cohesive strategy to teaching. 

this module provided so good tips on learning students names, and also so good tips on establishing the class and its requirements.  

this module has defined the importance of the syllabus and how it can be used to assist students and instructors alike. 

this has been a good reminder, in my carrier a lot of us fall into the habit of being lees concerned with some aspects of modeling and this was a good reminder to focus back in the basics. 

this module has provided useful insight on materials and technology and ideas on how to use them.

the biggest take away for me on this is the standards portion, often in my field it seems that people feel that they need knowledge with that does not help to achieve the standards of the job. 

this lesson has given me solid TTPs for planning ad documenting lessons and plans. 

this module is i good refresher for adapting to the realities of teaching perpetration class establishment. 

this module covered a lot of information the will hep in developing the appropriate tests for any course I am required to teach. 

this module provide me with the information to aid evaluating students more effectively. 

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