Shane Apperley

Shane Apperley

Location: united states

About me

UK-trained Physician Associate/Assistant (PA) with a background in clinical medicine, pharmacy, governance, research, academia and military medicine.

I am currently enjoying working in the US as a Director and Associate Professor in PA academia. My long-term goal, however, is to provide strategic leadership (CEO or equivalent) for a hospital trust/health system.

Outside of work, I am a devoted husband and father. I volunteer my time at church and in various medical capacities. I also serve on several professional boards and believe in a commitment to lifelong learning.


The importance of motivation and the different theories that underpin it. 


Direct vs. Indirect vs. Interactive instruction - advantages, disadvanatges and methods. 


I have previously been burnt out so recognition of what to look out for and means by which I can mitigate/lessen my risk. 



Learning preferences vs. learning challenges - hoe they differ 


Language ("Mother Tongue") is a part of ones race


The importance of culture and race and not being "color-blind". 


The detrimental effects of stereotyping.

Recap on Schema Theory 


The importance of the instructor playing a facilitative role. 


That there are many versions/approaches to the flipped classroom. 


See it, do it, teach it!

Recap on Bloom's Taxonomy.


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