Thomas Teeguarden

Thomas Teeguarden

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Talking to others like a pastor or cowoker or even a neighb can help to reduce stress.

Yes intermittent email checking is much better way to do it and stay on track and prioritize them also.

Yes I agree we all need to work on time management and administration also need to respect our time and that its just as valuable as there is.

Being kind and treating all our students with respect and care is key. To all things in life.

I agree there is no one size fits all and staff should be open to individual request, and the UDL on campuses is a great idea and should be used more often not just the impaired or handicap people, but all classes.

Yes i agree its important to see the student trying to better themselves and not the disability. Then think about how can we help them.

Yes accommodations are the right thing to do, but not in all situations. This is a very fine line that needs to be walked and addresse. Because not all fields of education can except certain accommodations. And i hope we all take time to think about it in a sensitive manner, and look out for the well being of both parties in this situation.

There is so much information being given and used by people and Schools that you must keep private and don't share unless you have verified  documentation of consent by that person to share.

I agree that Ferpa and hippo are essentially the same protection for the is also necessary for employees.

Document everything and keep it secure to try to protect everyone in this process.

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