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Kathleen O'Neil-Meyers

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I now have an understanding of multiple intelligences and will be better informed so that I can provide a good lab and clinical experience for the students.  

I have learned to make learning fun and interactive. This not only engages students but will help them critically think and remember!

Once again I am delighted to have new tools to assist me in becoming a better lab and clinical instructor!

I look forward to trying and adapting these creative techniques in my lab and clinical settings! 

I learned a great deal and have more to learn. I will seek out additional information in an effort to help not only me but my students to succee.

I love these ideas And I look forward to using the ideas in lab and in clinical. I wish that I had others to share or good references to share.

The students like Kahoot and we have played games with vocabulary words. These ideas are great and although I am not a  classroom instructor I look forward to tailorin some of these ideas for lab activities.

I have seen all those signs (which I did not know had unique names) not only in myself as a student but in my students too!
Interactive activities do engage the learner and we, as instructors, need to be more creative in our classroom. This is a challenge for me but one I am willing to continue to take on.

I like the idea of pretesting and would like to see it used more effectively as some students are set up to fail as they do not have the basic skills to succeed in the program.  I would like to read the research on lowering the standards of the program to meet the students needs. Maybe I miinterpreted some of the content I read but if I did not I wouLtd like to see the student be supported and educated in the area of weakness and reapply to the program at a later date.

I learned a great deal while  reading about learning preferences and multiple intelligences I found myself and clearly recognized how important it is for students to be evaluated and that information shared with the instructor in an effort to support the various learning preference. I plan to recommend this as a practice at my place of employment.

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