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Wow..What a Great Course

I just completed Course ED102. It was a great experience, not only was I able to add to my understanding of successful ways to retain and motivate students. I also learned new techniques to keep students actively engaged in their classes. The information in this course motivated me to REFOCUS my instruction, and look closer at the varying needs of each student. It will ultimately help me become a better instructor, and increase my ability to be versatile as the needs of my students change.  

I just took the technology. it is overwhelming what is out there on line to make the classroom a better experience for the students. However I feel I need training in many of the areas. I will look into them further. I saved a lot of the links! there were some really interesting and helpful ideas.

I feel that I need more training as well.  I finished 108 and found it interesting because it goes a little deeper into the way students learn. Previous courses did also but not to the extent of 108. I did feel it was a lot of imformation though.  I had to pace myself but it was definitely worth it.

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