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These classes are very helpful to me and I will certainly take back those techniques that are applicable. Until you actually take these classes you don't realize that most of the everything you have to deal with you are not alone. I addition, I like the scenes from Harvard and overall it helps me reflect and take inventory of mt classroom procedures.I will implement more media technology. I can listen but I am a newcomer working on my P.H.D.  The classes are rewarding and I look forward to completing all the classes that are applicable. Students today need so much more encouragment and support. Understanding and assessing their needs and getting to know them is very critical to their success in their college. I encourage my students to talk to me about things that are borthering them. If you can get to s atudent who has decided to quit and offer some different advise, then it can be a win win situation. With some students you try and do your best. I love teaching, helping the students reach their full potential is one of the reasons I teach. Time management is a problem for some of my students. In these classes I am learning different ways and some of the skills and tools I have learned are awesome.

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