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backup instructional plan

As a new instructor,  I've learned, so far, that being "extra" prepared for class is crucial.  Having a back up plan in case you are losing the attention of your students has been helpful.  Once back up plan I have used is a class activity involving the vocabulary and small groups.  I break the class up into teams of 3-4 people.  give each team a pharse or topic to look up in the book.  Then the team must explain their topic using picture drawings only.  Its a fun activity that gets the students involved and has some nostalgia attached to it.  The student love this and it makes the class fun!

Having a back up plan is great. Another use is for when you go into a classroom and the overhead or compuuter does not work.  It always helps to have a back up lecture or activity prepared.


I agree with you. As far as equipment not working, I recommend you check it before class starts so you don't have any unexpected surprises.

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