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ED102 Student Retention Methods

Enjoyed the training.  Very informative!

This was a very interesting and useful training for me as I teach a group of students who are beginning to start new careers and must retain the information for 2 years, until the students are ready to take there national credintialling exam.

I truly got challenged by many of the features here, even with over 8 years of college/univeristy experience in teaching. I did learn quite a few factors within the markets in our schools and comrehend now the reality of where they come from and how we can truly engage them, while maintaining a high retention rate.

Group Retention is something I keep into consideration each and every class. I make sure my students feel important and know the importance of a college education.


I just finished 102 and found it very informative.  The only problem is I don't have the time to reinforce information 35 times per day, week, or even a month.  Our part of the program is 60 days of 4 hour classes. 

Always good to keep this pointerws in mind

I found ED102 useful and relevant to my instructional techniques.  I learned more formal terminology for some of my classroom practices.  It sure made me stop and think about what I am doing in the classroom. My most important take away was how I might encourage non-talkers to participate.

This took a bit longer than I anticipated, but it was well worth it.


I found the course useful and I agree with Susan's comment. I teach a course that is six weeks long, two hours five days a week. It moves so fast that I feel there is barely any time for reinforcement! But I do practice immediate feedback, always grading assignments and tests by the next day/class and I always put positive, personal comments on every student's paper, even if it's just a sticker saying "Good Job."

I do try to have all HW checked  by the next day ,but Dawn's idea is pretty good. I am to remember to do that myself

I agree with what Dawn Del Vechio said so long ago, learners at tech schools with adult learners with full time

jobs for some it is an accomplishmet to arrive, between work family and school occaisionally school comes in

second.  By being supportive and trying to help adult learners maintain a positive attitude and reminding

them of why they are in school, the occaisional poor grade may be a fact of life but continue forward progress

towards a better life in a new or improved career is all that should really matter to a good student and sometimes

they may need this positive feed back even if they may not feel they deserve it.  Keeping them motivated is

the ultimate goal in retention.


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