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stress management

110 managing stress techniques for personal & professional life was very helpful

There are very serious consequences of living with stress in our lives. We must find ways to reduce and eliminate the stress. It is a priority to develop coping skills and we must identify these stressors. Making a "stress list" would be helpful. From this list you must determine the specific stressors that are affecting your life and in then prioritize that list; as well as, determine which can be eliminated or reduced. These are some of the techniques that can be used.

just remember, all you can do is your best, that's it...the rest can wait until tomorrow...

Amen to that! 

Stress is such a deceiving enemy. A lot of us think that we're not stressed until we begin to have trouble sleeping or find that our eating is way out of control; or we are exhausted all of the time. We go a long time before we begin to figure out that hmmmm...maybe it's stress. So learning the signals and paying attention to our body and trusting our instincts will do well to help us to follow Sharon's good advice. Figure it out...and then eliminate or reduce.

Stress management seems to be problematic for sdo many adults, which makes  them more vulnerable to their  society.  Alleviating stress is crucial,  in order to prevent  catastrophic events (such as crises) from occurring.



The whole concept of "Managing Strees" is one of diffulty to grasp as I do not care to manage sometihing that can be a devastating ordeal.  I think of it as something that must not be allow to take residency in my life and therfore must be considered or listed under "Prevention". While we all know that "Life is what happens while we are making other plans" such as death, divorce, major loss, health problems etc... Stress is the center of all and shold be expected. Live life to the fullest and take care of your health.  Go to the water often and walk alot if possible and always try to think good thoughts in the face of adversity.

Chonitia smith

Stress releases cortisol.  Cortisol is damaging to the hippocampal cells that are vital in the process of shorterm memory.  Short term memory is utilized for the process of making long term memories.

Dr. Barker

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