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ED 102 - Information shared in Videos

I found myself going back and re-playing the different videos shared during the course. The information shared by subject matter experts (SMEs) in the videos was outstanding. Two videos will serve as cornerstones for me. The first video covered the qualities of an effective instructor. The information conveyed by the SME is something that each instructor should embrace. I personally believe embrace and apply will strengthen my ability to help the students to achieve his/her goals and improve their educational journey while taking the class. The second video discussed the four things that great teachers do. Once again, the SME provided a foundational base to drawn upon when striving to fulfill the objectives of the class and students' needs while enhancing their educational journey. I walk away from the ED 102 course fully charged and ready for action.

This was an outstanding class!

I completely agree.  THe four components to be an effective instructor was a great clip!  I enjoy the videos and I enjoy to see how such experienced educators present their content! 

The most important factors an instructor has remember is not to sheepherd as I call it.  Next, remember you were a student once and you may have had some difficulty with certain subjects.  Instructors tend to forget their struggles as a student and set unrealistic expectations for their students.

Shane, I agree. My director here at ACC reminds the new  hires that, no matter how many times one ends up saying certain bits of information or even work related anecdotes as the years go by, it is usually the  very first time that each student has heard that information or story. I am always asking myself, "Did I say THAT yet to THIS group of students? Hmmm..."

I really enjoyed this class as well probably better than the others.  Perhaps because that is my goal for this year is to improve my retention rate and lower my attrition rate.  The suggestions and information learned will be helpful to me and I plan to apply what I have learned.  The second video about what "great" teachers do is something that all teachers should see it really emphasized practical but necessary things and not jsut big things that can be done to help improve retention.

Susan Parlor


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