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new instructor

As a new instructor, i have been teaching for 6 months.  This course has been extremely helpful to me in student management and monitoring.  Learning strategies on how to handle with students with different learning personalities and levels was very useful. 

I wish I would have done this course earlier, I have been an instructor for 4 years and this would have saved me so much worry and misery. I did not have good mentor's but with these classes I would not have really missed them.


I too am a 'new instructor' who assists students to become Medical Assistances.  I am always surprised when I discover someone who has enrolled in school for this program and are on a road to defeat the purpose of why they enrolled.  These students need to be lead and encouraged to stand up for their decission and stick to it to the end.  Does anone have any suggestions as how to address these issues? 

I talk with my students that I find are going through this stage and let them know that it is only just a stage, a temporary period of adjustment that their are experiencing, but their desires and drive to continue with their plans for a career as a Medical Assistant can be done and an increase of knowledge and skills building will also continue to grow.  But I sometimes feel that I should be saying more.  Are there any suggestions?

As an instructor for Ethics, I have used many of the ideas found here to help start class, and for general discussion. I was happy to see that I was on the right track and was not aware of it. Gloria Byrd

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