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As a new instructor, i have been teaching for 6 months.  This course has been extremely helpful to me in student management and monitoring.  Learning strategies on how to handle with students with different learning personalities and levels was very useful. 

As a new instructor,  I've learned, so far, that being "extra" prepared for class is crucial.  Having a back up plan in case you are losing the attention of your students has been helpful.  Once back up plan I have used is a class activity involving the vocabulary and small groups.  I break the class up into teams of 3-4 people.  give each team a pharse or topic to look up in the book.  Then the team must explain their topic using picture drawings only.  Its a fun activity that gets the students involved and has some nostalgia attached to… >>>

Students with English as the Learning Language is a challenge for both instructor and student.  It is difficult to understand the problem or question the student is asking.  As an instructor it is our responsibility to help the student succeed in class and apply the course content to their career.  As a new instructor, I find it extremely difficult when I dont understand the student due to a heavy accent or misunderstading.  One technique I have found helpful is to have the student write down what they are asking.  This gives me a clear direction especially if I am having… >>>

As a culinary instructor, I think bringing a guest speaker, such as, a Restaurant Chef, General Manager, Banquet Chef and etc, can enhance the learning experience for the students. The students will get a clear picture as to what the culinary industry is about and why it is necessary to learn the fundamental basics before entering the industry. It also keeps the students engaged and enthusiatic.
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On day 1 of the class, I hand out a short pretest and ask the students to comment briefly on what they expect from this class. This gives me a picture of how much the students know and also what they intend to learn. Its very useful and helpful for me.
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Lesson plans are important because its a guideline for the students and instructor for the entire course. The procedure section is most used in the lesson plan and its important to make it detailed yet allow some flexiblity to the lesson.
I found that sharing my experiences as an ice breaker helps student to open up and share about there experiences and interest. This gives me a way to connect with the students and understand where they are coming from better.
Graphs are great when used to highlight how the different aspects of a subject relate to each other. However, over use of them defeats the purpose.
As a culinary instructor, I found that culinary students retain information through their senses. They need to touch, feel, smell, and experience the product.
As a culinary instructor, a cooking demo is a visual for the students. It is necessary for culinary students to see how the product is made and to taste it in order to perform and gasp the concept.

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