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Dental Intructor

I had completed ED 106.

I was wandering if anybody else had find the subject  very intense as I did.

At this time I do not have any student with learning disability, But if  it ever comes to my attention that such student will be part of my classroom educational program I will do my best to help persuing the program.

any fee back is most appriciated.

thank you


I have had some with learning disability, I have found they are the most determined and very easy to work with. I did give them more time and also spent more time with them. When I have my Sunday classes, I like to have office hours after. I stop the Live chat recording and I can now talk with my students and show them possible things they are missing. It worked really well with those with Learning disabilities too. Peg

I havent had any students with learning disabilites yet, however I am interested in the feedback from others. Thanks

I just finished ED 107 and I want to know if anyone found this class took too much time, there was too much information to follow, and went back and forth too much.  I just found it to be the worst of all that I have taken.

I also found ED 107 to be to much information, went back and forth and i also found this one to be my least favorite of the other 6 I've done.  I was very disappointed.  However, I did manage to learn a little bit of information out of the lesson.

I had a student in Medical Assisting who was once a registered nurse.  She was hit by a drunken driver and comatose for almost a year.  She came to us with short term memory loss and difficulty concentrating.  She was very motivated and had a supportive family in addition to instructors who very much wanted her to succeed, but unfortunately she was just not able to keep up with the workload or retain enough information to pass any of the tests.

I was interested in this topic and especially first hand accounts of student successes.

Hi Rebecca,

I haven't taken ED 107 but was interested in your story.  Was this student ever successful and were any instructors able to reach out to her or at least put someone in touch with her to find another avenue in her field.  This had to be devastating for someone who was so motivated and passionate about her profession only to have something this tragic happen to her.

Chris Bitler

I too am an adjunct dental faculty member.  Much of my teaching is hands-on and verbal, and as a result I do not come in contact with students with learning disabilities (at least not that I am aware of anyway).  

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