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ELL students

Students with English as the Learning Language is a challenge for both instructor and student.  It is difficult to understand the problem or question the student is asking.  As an instructor it is our responsibility to help the student succeed in class and apply the course content to their career.  As a new instructor, I find it extremely difficult when I dont understand the student due to a heavy accent or misunderstading.  One technique I have found helpful is to have the student write down what they are asking.  This gives me a clear direction especially if I am having a hard time making out what they are saying because of the accent. 

Is there any other suggestions that may be helpful?

sometime just a little bit more coaching the student is able to understand ,always asked the student that is having the problem because of a language or accent situation to write down the question they may have for the day and before the class is over spend a few minute with the student going over the question . and if you don't have an answer nest time you meet review the question for the student

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