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What is the best advice on managment training?

As a Director, I am always in search of training, but how often is sufficient to keep me fresh in my management style?

I apologize for the delayed response to your very good question.

I would say it's not as much a matter of how often but the quality of the training & then the continuing learning or application that you engage in afterwards. I would say that if you have attended a good training & you walk away with a lot of good ideas then take your time, work up a development plan & implement those ideas. Then once you feel you've squeezed all the "lemonade" out of that training, try & find another one. I hope that helps some.

I find that the best management training is to always be able to be the student. If you find that as a manager you no longer have anything to learn then I find that your ability to teach is not at its best.

Management training is great, but only if you are willing to soak in all the knowledge given.

I believe management training should be continuous. There is always something to be gained as scenarios arise and business and education changes. A truly effective team can only function properly with the proper management that has the qualifications and experience to handle situations. Some things are predictable but since we deal with the public there is always something new to experience.

I completely agree regarding the need for continuous training. From my perspective where companies can do a better job is emphasizing the on-the-job training for managers. Forcing them to reflect on decisions made & actions taken & learn from these successes & failures. This helps to solidify much of what is learned in a classroom environment.

Absolutely. I believe the best leaders/managers are truly life-long learners.

The roles are reversed! We are always learning...constantly evolving and adapting to new goals, visions, processes and procedures, as are our employees. In this manner, I've also found that the most effective training is that which requires the attendees to be curious...competent and confident in their abilities but always searching for new approaches.

I think about this in two parts. First, the formal portion of "management training" and then the informal portion.

I have found that I enjoy doing some form of formal training at least quarterly - on whatever topic is high on the burner. I often look for the many free opportunities and they do abound!

Informally, that is a daily process for me. What went well today, what could have been better, how could I have made it better? I also subscribe to many RSS feeds which offer a paragraph or two of to the point directed information.

I, too think life long learning is the key to being successful - whether as manager, leader or employee. Just makes us better human beings.

Yes, the mixture of formal & informal learning is powerful & we should seize both opportunities whenever they present themselves.

Do you have any suggestions on applying the training? All the training is only helpful if you can apply is appropriately.

Good question Lisa.

First of all, part of it is being a wise consumer of training. Before spending money & time on training, make sure it promises to deliver something you need and/or can apply right now. Then before going to the training seek feedback from others on how they think you could benefit from this training. While you're in the training, be thinking about your "real life" & how you're going to apply. When the training is over, immediately seek to apply what you've learned & consistently reflect on how you are applying it. Journaling is a great way to accomplish this. What are you doing, what could you do better, are you following through on your plan, etc.

You are right that this is difficult, but I hope this helps.

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