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My name is Walter Clement.  I am a Retired Sergeant from the Detroit Police Department. I have been with the department for more than 35 years and have served the department in various capacities. I was an Academy Instructor, Sex Crimes Investigator, Special Response Team member, and with the Grants and Contracts Administration Unit.  I was the Project Director of the Community Policing Empowerment Zone. I am also a supervisory member of the Underwater Recovery Team as well as a patrol supervisor. 

I worked with the Police Training Center as an FTO supervisor, instructor, grant writer and anything else my boss finds for me to do. I am still having fun teaching classes and working at CTU.

I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a BS in Criminal Justice.  I Graduated from Colorado Technical University with a Masters in Business Management and a MBA in Human Resource Management.  



When a student graduates, it is the knowledge gained which allows that student to represent himself to the world.  Therefore, the teacher plays a critical role in the development of a student and a strategic role in educating the American workforce.       

Teaching is more than a passion, for me it is an honor.  

The responsibility held by an educator should be seen as a critical role within our universities.  What is learned in the classroom is translated and transferred to the workforce.  If we fail to deliver and inspire then we have failed to prepare the student… >>>


There are no methodologies within the online environment, which would allow an instructor to see and feel.   

The online environment is a one-dimensional stage.  The difficulty is similar to being blind while communicating to strangers.  Within an on-ground class, you can see the student and gauge their responses.  The challenge for an online instructor is that he/she cannot see the student.  Therefore, the instructor must use his/her voice as a tool to capture and engage; voice inflections to capture the audience.

You should listen to a radio announcer and ask yourself, what makes one announcer better that another.… >>>

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I recently read an article that problems in business are 'managers are afraid to make the hard decisions'.   You should dismiss this employee.  If this employee is that disruptive you are losing production time. That translates into reduced ROI.   I am sure there are others that can fill in the gaps.  Make your work place pleasant and productive or you will be replaced.    

Leadership Qualities Leadership is not a noun; it’s a verb. Leadership is often identified as a position and not of a person taking action. Leadership is a descriptive term identifying the actions, behaviors and methodologies of communication. No leader can be effective if he/she cannot deliver and display all three elements. Actions: A leader must be willing to take actions and accept responsibility for decisions made. No leader can be successful if she/he fails to make critical decisions. It is at the moments after critical decisions are made, when the subordinates identify the style of the leader and communicates throughout… >>>

Detecting learning disabilities in an on line is a challenge. I found, to detect a disability it takes an average of reading two assignments. From this, one could detect a problem. However, it is difficult to determine the type of disability. I am asking has any one found a better method to detect and assist online students with learning disabilities.
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Can anyone apply what was learned in this block of instructions to online classes?
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I teach classes online. What suggestions are there to keep groups on course, monitor performance and keep the slackers from slaking?
I am always curious about improving my presentations. I teach online and on grounds. I have not seen much that actually addresses online instruction. Moving around and eye contact are wonderful tools for the classroom. How can I translate what is learned to the online environment? Walter
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On line classes are mainly expository lectures. The online campus does not lend itself well to an interactive lecture. Although the instructor can be innovative, bio-directional communication is difficult. The technology is not developed to create an open two-way classroom discussion. Online is generally a one way communication event where the instructor speaks and the student types back. In many cases, the dynamics of active communication is lost. What suggestions are there to develop an interactive online lecture?
There is a distinct difference in the structure of an on ground class with that of an online class. The virtual setting has no walls, tables or chairs. Online, the structure is created by being on time and constantly delivering information that is related to the subject.

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