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Effective Leadership

An effective leader identifies not only outstanding team players, but promotes them/acknowledges them in a way that makes the employee feel like a critical part of the team (which they are)!

I agree. But much like in the classroom as an instructor, the leader has to be VERY careful about "picking a favorite". It tends to alienate other team members. I would rather have 6 people on my team instead of 1 person with 5 that wonder.... Just sayin'

Yes, I agree and I appreciate the input. I would never want to "favor" someone in that way. That would certainly be counter-productive, wouldn't it?

In my last class, one of my students would go above and beyond. So not only were they prepared for class each day and completed theirassignments and projects on time, but would take it upon themselves to improve materials and assist struggling students. I appreciated this student so much, yet I had to be careful not to give too much praise. Instead, I let the rest of the class benefit from his assistance and tutoring worksheets and he received positive feedback from his peers. This way he was recognized for his efforts by the students and I could acknowledge him once. I never let myself be pulled into that position of giving out too much praise to one person. The students did that for me.

Being an effective leader is knowing your team members postions and there knowledge to perform there tasks.Promote them when they prove themselves on projects well done.Guide them when they falter.

I agree. I have had this experience as well. As tempting as it would be to praise this student repeatedly even with the intention that other students would follow their lead, we have to be watchful of our own behavior. Praising the student could backfire and have others stop trying since this student is viewed as the "favorite".

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