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Faster results when using feedback......

Feedback from employees is helpful in solving problems quickly. Most of the time, the employees are already aware of the problem before management becomes involved. Most quality employees have already been thinking or working on a solution. Involving them in the process only encourages them to continue to be proactive in the future.

I agree, some times employees surprise me with a solution ready to go when they first present the problem.

It is so important to include employees in the planning process. Together a solution might be better than alone.

I agree, managers should be able to think on thier toes and assess the issues at hand. Solutions to any issues should be dealt with in a certain time span and not put on hold. A manager should always be supportive to help anyone in need

I agree, it is very important to get feedback and bounce ideas of the employees. Two heads are better than one. This is great for confidence boosting.

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