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What needs to happen for a Change to be successful

Many years ago I attended a lecture and was given the following information, about what needs to happen in order for a change to be successful.

I could not recall the authors name, but I really believe this information helps,when I speak to the staff about upcoming changes.

Action Plan

Vision---If you do not have vision you will get

Skills---lack of skills you will get

Incentive--- slow if there is lack of incentive

Resource---If you do not have resources, you get

Action Plan---If you fail to have an action plan you will get a

Author Unknown

Thank you for sharing this information. I am going to relates this my team. I believe it will be effective in our next meeting.

Yes this is great information. Also if you are experiencing changes right now (& who isn't!) you might want to take a look at some of John Kotter's work. He has written several books about leading change & change processes.

Also, a man by the name of William Bridges has written extensively about "transitions" the term he uses for the people side of change. His work is very practical & down to earth. Hope this helps.

Dear Albert,
Thank you for sharing the information,regarding transitioning and change. It is always, so exciting to birth change. When I find new materials,or support to present "change", it is so valuable. The introduction of change with supportive materials,are always more, openly received. To express the inevitablity of change, from the beginning to any business goals,plans and or individual involvementis to assure all, that the one thing constant, is Change! To have change viewed as a fresh,new time.To greater things from the previous.Change is so partnered with uneccessary fear. When in reality,it is the center point of view to all SuCCess:Constant Change! Shari Short

I appreciate your comments about change. One thing I would caution is viewing the "fear" associated with change as "unnecessary." When individuals are going through change their fear is real as they are fearing loss: loss of status, loss of security, etc. When we are leading change, we must understand this & help others through the fear.

In order for change to be successful you must have:

Support from all those around you, (employee, students, upper management)

Faith in your own abilities (others must see the ability in you also)

Not be afraid of change it is part on life.(you are not who or what you were ten years ago)

Change is always necessary (negative or positive will always teach us something useful)

all of these elements will greatly help in engaging in successful change.

Dr. Ryan Meers

My organization is going through a lot of change right now. Thank you for the thoughtful and insightful comments in this forum. Someone also recently shared an article with me on people and change. You can check it out at

wendy ,
change is an area which is exciting & terrifying at the same time. Best wishes!

Dr. Ryan Meers

I often wonder if change is always necessary or do we do it to "keep up with the Jones's" mentality. I'm not saying change is bad; however, I worked in one organization who brought in "fresh blood" from out of state thinking what worked for them will work for us. The process of change was poorly articulated and as a result, these individuals didn't last long and the campaign failed. I use the analogy of a transfusion patient. You can give the patient fresh blood to sustain them for so long but if it's tainted, the patient will get sicker and eventually die. I think for change to be effective, managers must do their homework and affect change for the right reasons as well as determine if the change will make a positive impact. Just because it worked for that fresh executive from New York doesn't mean it will work in the current setting. I guess I am in the "if it's not broke, don't fix it crowd.

Change is good when it shows that people can learn from mistakes and failures. Change does not have to be bad or overshelming. The most influential and successful people thrive on change when it involves growth. 

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