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I like to think that leadership sometimes does overlap with management when you are working with an employee that needs a lot of motivation.

I believe that in your office in order to trun an effective department everyone needs to have motivation and drive in order for it to be successful.

Recent research has proven that appreciation is the driver behind great work. There is no greater tool for teaching, reinforcing, and aligning brand goals and values than employee recognition.

I believe that by creating an environment of camaraderie. People work more effectively when they feel like part of team — they don’t want to let others down.

Absolutely & with this is making sure that each individual really sees how what they do ties to what the others do on the team. That they each do depend upon one another.

So true Susana & making sure that appreciation/recongition is good, specific feedback. Just a simple recognition is huge as long as it's personal, timely & specific.

This is very true & very important. The difficulty is in determining how to best motivate everyone which to me is where the manager/leader must come to know her/his staff very personally to do a better job of this.

I believe that in order to turn an effective department the leader must know her staff personally.

I agree Tania & would add that when the leader knows her/his staff on a personal level this encourages the whole team/department to know each other more personally which then assists in helping the whole function more effectively.

I believe that Employee Recognition" is so important. Many Supervisors forget how important this is; the impact that it causes on the majority of employees. We all know that money is the only thing that pays our bills, but recognition goes miles away to obtain excellent results from employees. It helps a great deal when an employee works really hard and obtain excellent results to get a recognition from your supervisors. Recognition is not necessarily shown by given an increase. A few words (if possible) in front of the rest of the staff/managers is always appreciated.

Very true & making sure that the recognition is tied to a specific action & goal/objective of the group/team, etc. Avoid "good dog" praise which is simply a pat on the head, but tie the recognition to a result.

I have to agree that an Employee Recognition is very important but motivation is an art of getting other people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.

I truly believe that Team Work, Recognition, and Trust, is the basic outcome of motivation. When management acknowledges a well done job it encourages the staff to continually perform to the fullest.

Yes, motivation is an art & really this brings up an interesting question that I have debated for some time: Can you truly motivate anyone else? Or can we only truly motivate ourselves?

This is very true. What are your recommendations for a new supervisor who has not worked with a group before? Or a newly formed team when there is nothing to acknowledge. How would you motivate this group?

I like to think that every one of my team are self motivated. Driven by the personal need for success within the organizational ownership. The team are the oars and I am the guy at the back on the tiller, directing us through what ever we come up against. Success breads self motivation, if a team member is stumbling it is time to boost there motivation. It can come from many different locations; other team members, "I was exactly where you are today, I made it". From the team leader, " let's look at the challenges from different angles and let's see if we can find a better way for you to approach the challenges you are having."

yes, it's definitely part of the team members' roles to encourage one another & to help each other when we are struggling.

Dr. Ryan Meers

I agree. I think also that simple recognition also can make a difference in the quality of work of any team member.

I agree. I think also that simple recognition also can make a difference in the quality of work of any team member.

yes, recognition that is rooted in specifics is a great way to acknowledge the team members.

Ryan Meers, Ph.D.

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